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We offer the most qualified doctors and the most advanced hospitals in Turkey to provide the most affordable treatment services.

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We restore you to your former physical health at the best doctors and hospitals in Turkey.


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Edwin Healt & Edwin Holidays offers you the right treatment, the right facility and professional accommodation services. Edwin Holidays provides services in different cities of Turkey, which is one of the most ambitious countries in this regard, with a 2-fold growth in health tourism only in 2021 (370 thousand 335 people) for our esteemed guests to regain their health. For example, your loved ones or children can enjoy the sun and the sea while you undergo laser surgery to get rid of the glasses you have been wearing for years.


Frequently Asked Question

Yes, we provide an assistant service in our health tourism services to support you. Our assistant will help you with all your needs before and during your trip and assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Yes, we provide consultancy services for both accommodation and flight tickets as part of our health tourism services. We will assist you throughout the entire process and do our best to meet all your requirements.

Yes, you can have a vacation while receiving healthcare services. In fact, many of our patients combine their treatment process with tourism and have improved their health while discovering new places. We will assist you in planning your vacation and tailor a program that suits your treatment process.

Yes, we can arrange for your own doctor to assist in your treatment process. Our staff will communicate with your doctor and collaborate when necessary. However, since health services vary from country to country and from hospital to hospital, an evaluation may be required based on the policies of the center where your treatment takes place.
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